barryMy name is Barry, and I create things. Primarily, I write — whether it’s blogging, writing for my own print projects, songwriting or freelancing. Normally I try to be funny.

I run four Web sites, including BeaverDamUSA.com, a blog and entertainment site. I love to make barbecue and develop new sauces.

My wife Kim — who collaborates with me on on much of my ridiculousness — is a talented glass artist. For Glassworks – Kim Currin Creations Gallery and Studio, I handle most of the numbers-things and serve as Chief Bottle Washer. That’s not a cliche. Part of her art involves kiln firing bottles, and I am the one who removes the labels, washes them and gets them ready to fire. Sometimes she lets me assemble wind chimes from the components she makes, but that doesn’t have a cool title, unfortunately.

I am also President of Treehouse Enterprises, LLC, which is a real estate rental venture of ours featuring unique residential and commercial properties in Cleveland, Tennessee.

No joke, though. At this point in my life I am fortunate to love every single thing I do. I feel I have earned that over the years, but I’ll save those details for the “About Who I Used to Be” page if I ever decide to do that.

I am a graduate of Martin Methodist College and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Kim and I have one son named Grant, who amazes us daily.

I created this web site entirely as a marketing tool to promote the things I do, because this is a business. I just happen to love it. I hope you have fun looking around.